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Chef motivations

I like all kind of food but I think I like seafood most. I like easy but tasty food, and light meals. A really good salad or a soup for dinner is my favorite. I don’t mind spicy food. I think if I had to choose a favorite kitchen it’s going to be the Mediterranean. I would love to learn to cook more vegetarian.

– Marita

I like light and fresh meals, often fish, chicken or vegetarian based complimented with greens or beans salads. Cuisines such as tapas, seafood, Japanese, and Mexican I enjoy as well!

– Lina

I enjoy all types of food and trying new cuisines and restaurants. When I am cooking at home you can often find me making lighter meals with clean ingredients! I especially love seafood! When it comes to wine, I enjoy pairing it with Italian inspired tastes!

– Josefine

I enjoy eating a variety of foods such as Thai food, seafood, tacos, and Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberries. I enjoy drinking coffee in the morning to start the day.

– Joakim

I like tasty spicy and juicy food that are prepared from fresh ingredients, combined to form its unique taste and cooked with care to maintain its nutrients and freshness. I like to try all kind of foods, combinations and cooking styles but may have a bias for one category from one time to another.

– Lollo