Sharing our passion

This is a collection of recipes made, tested, and liked by the Eriksson family. It is a treasury of fine recipes that must not be forgotten. Most of all it is to capture creativity, experiences, and happiness in the kitchen and to provide an easy means to share with all of us. We are all food adventurers who express it in different ways.

Playground for food adventure

The Recipe Box is a playground to pick up ideas, change, adapt, and exercise each member’s unique style of preparing and cooking food. It provides a source of unlimited diversity from simple to complex cooking, quick & easy, healthy, low calorie, low carbohydrates, high protein, ethnic foods, seasonal traditions, breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, snacks, picnic, sweet, tasty, spicy, vegetarian, seafood, all kind of meats, delicious baking and much more….

My motivation

I like all kind of food but I think I like seafood most. I like easy but tasty food, and light meals. A really good salad or a soup for dinner is my favorite. I don’t mind spicy food. I think if I had to choose a favorite kitchen it’s going to be the Mediterranean. I would love to learn to cook more vegetarian.

– Marita

I like light and fresh meals, often fish, chicken or vegetarian based complimented with greens or beans salads. Cuisines such as tapas, seafood, Japanese, and Mexican I enjoy as well!

– Lina

I enjoy all types of food and trying new cuisines and restaurants. When I am cooking at home you can often find me making lighter meals with clean ingredients! I especially love seafood! When it comes to wine, I enjoy pairing it with Italian inspired tastes!

– Josefine

I enjoy eating a variety of foods such as Thai food, seafood, tacos, and Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberries. I enjoy drinking coffee in the morning to start the day.

– Joakim

I like tasty spicy and juicy food that are prepared from fresh ingredients, combined to form its unique taste and cooked with care to maintain its nutrients and freshness. I like to try all kind of foods, combinations and cooking styles but may have a bias for one category from one time to another.

– Lollo

The Recipe Box is also a reflection of our values in life namely to care for each other, love, share, educate, support, and most of all to provide happiness and a way of enjoying life and prolong longevity through healthy and balanced food and cooking.